Why is Outsourcing Beneficial for Small Businesses?

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So, let’s just assume that you started a small business with a website. The primary challenge for any startup or small business is to cut their costs, improve their income, all at once while getting more clients. Now, how do you make all of this happen?

Well, there are a variety of ways you could get business, referrals, website, local directories, etc. But, for a constant source of leads and business, you would need to get your website well optimized, so, people could search for your business and give you more business.

So, you think of hiring a Marketing team for your website. You need a developer to make changes on the website, an SEO Analyst or Executive to do the SEO work, a Content writer to write more content on the website and for Off-page SEO Activities.

The total cost per year would come down to $80,000/year for the developer, $76,000/year for the SEO Analyst and $49,500/per year for a Content Writer. The cost per year for just the marketing would come to $205,500/per year and that doesn’t include other expenses. Now, do you think you would be able to bear those expenses? or would it be fruitful to your business?

The price of an average Marketing Company starts from around $350/per month which includes basic Development tasks that a website needs, SEO and the Content required for SEO. On a yearly basis, this shall make the total to be $4200/ per year.

For a small business, the deal $4200 per year is very affordable if the same brings in traffic and improves the rankings of the website.

Now, what all services do most Marketing Companies do offer and what should you choose?

SEO Services 

This is one of the most common services you’ll find which Marketing Companies offer. It’s a great choice and a must have for any website trying to do business online in the long term.

PPC Services 

This is another excellent service but not a must-have for websites. Go for this if you need results instantly for your website.

SMO Services 

A great service but doesn’t work for all niches. Social Media is a platform which can do wonders for a product which is related to impulsive buyers. However, for industries like Accountancy or Lawyers, Social Media rarely brings leads. The best it can be used then is for branding.

Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing is a service which has lost its value over the past years and I really don’t understand why. It’s still one of the greatest ways to reach to masses of people with your collected lists over time and it does convert!

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Local SEO Services

This is something more important for people with businesses like plumbing, locksmiths etc. People who target a local Area! These people don’t usually even target states. They try to rank in counties around them.

Copywriting Services

Another must-have for Marketing. It’s often called Content is the King. You need content for your website, your advertisements, press releases etc.

There you go! If you still have any doubts regarding marketing, feel free to send me an email and I would be happy to write back.

So, do you think you should Outsource for your Marketing needs? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Barney Smith

Barney Smith is an Entrepreneur and a Digital Marketing Expert. Certified from a variety of marketing schools and companies, Barney aims to help the world of businesses get more business and helps them acquire clients easily.

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